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Wednesday , 7 Dec 2016
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  Welcome to EE
East Excellence Material(Asia)Co., Ltd is a professional building material provider operating in a worldwide business scope.
We specialize in the import and export of new building materials,chemical products,mineral products,packaging material,home products and other related products.
Our products are widely used in various fields including architecture, chemical, and daily life.
We benefit our customers and people living quality by delivering qulified and customized products of New generation building material,chemical products,home products and other eco-friendly products.
We have been devoting ourselves to becoming a trustworthy and committed business partner.
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  What Makes EE A Reliable & Valued Partner?
Ø  Flexible and creative product supply
Ø  Customized solutions in product designing, packaging, sourcing and delivery
Ø  Qualified products and competitive price
Ø  Experienced and professional service
Ø  Direct link between manufacturers, logistics providers and our customers
Ø   “one-basket solution” to support our customer to win their market and sustainable grows in their fields before sales and after sales.
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